Lain (wiredslave) wrote,


I added a few new people from worldcon, so if you were wondering, this is me! Worldcon was really much fun, though it made me miss Japan far too much. Still good seeing friends again and meeting new people... lately I've been alot less inspired to volunteer. I did work about 20 hours even still, but there's been other things I've been doing, and it's just not feeling as interesting as it used to. Dancing has become quite fun though.. there were a couple dances we did at the ball I'd like to know what were.. somehow dancing used to scare me or some such, just the idea of it made me think.. nope not so interesting.. but I've come to find that it's really fun actually... somehow everywhere I go nowadays, it feels like steampunk is following me, the con felt even themed in it everywhere I went. They made liquid nitrogen ice cream several times during the con, which I really want to do sometime, but kept missing it, though I was in time to eat some atleast at one point. I suppose that's most my random post for now.. listening to Rasputina again.. so happy..
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