Lain (wiredslave) wrote,

moving day!

People have asked that I keep updated, so here goes! Today Celes, Alex and I are moving to our new place! It's really exciting since we'll literally just be down the street from the farmer's market, and today's the market! Life's been really happy this Summer, amazingly both travelling and staying behind in Baltimore. I've taken up cello, which I really got in the habit of practising since staying in Baltimore.. and I have my first *real* lesson next week. Aside from that, just having Celes around has made me so happy. Even staying in the house I was in when my dad died, around the time he died, I can find nothing but happiness right now.. it feels like I've really improved myself. It feels ok to think about my father, and I'm so glad that I had him in my life, I can talk about him no worries, but not having him isn't making me bitter like it used to. To be honest, I feel like going to Europe for a second time is what did that to me. Both times I kept a journal reflecting on my thoughts and events and such. I was so happy being there the first time, it felt like nothing in the previous year mattered, and I didn't want to return, because I knew I had no family to return to (no offence to friends, you were the only thing really keeping me any what happy in the US, and otherwise I would have dropped out of school and stayed in Europe). This time being there, I still had an amazing time, but the thought of leaving didn't hurt so bad, knowing I could return to the orphanage and Diana, and Celes but of course, on top of everything, life is pretty nice here right now!
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