Lain (wiredslave) wrote,

eee dilemmas and cello woes!

This has been a week for fixing things up. For those who don't know, my computer went out of commission... thanks to Keith, it's working again, but I decided that it was time for a new laptop. I got an EEE pc 1000.. which is the cutest little thing, and runs only off a nice 40 gig solid state drive, with a 1.6 gigahertz processor speed, and a gig of ram, it runs well so far... the problem? ralink 2790 wireless card. This thing is so difficult to get running on anything other than xandros (default linux system on eee pc) and apparently backtrack. The complication on the internet forums comes with the ralink 2860 linux driver. There is a fix to get that one working, that is said to fix 2790, except it doesn't. It's grouped with it because the windows 2860 driver also works for mine, but not linux. So for a week now I've been attempting to fix a wireless card that I don't even have installed! Hopefully with ndiswrapper, it should be up and running by later today.

In other "breaking" news, two of my cello strings popped with no warning a few days ago, one even being one that I never use! So I have learned the harsh reality of weather effects on instruments. Need to get a humidifier to keep it in tune and everything now. Though strings have been fixed up no problem now!

Lastly, concerning me! For those of you who mostly know me through livejournal, I'll bet you'll say, "ah, that mfakes sense" and for those who know me in real life, I bet you'll be confused to know that I got put on antidepressants this week! The shocker, it's not for any depression or manic behavior of any kind. It's for nerve damage! So when they cut you open, especially around the lungs and chest, and pulling ribs and so on... there's a strong chance, they're gonna hit some nerves, and they did. I've been suffering of really bad pains in my lungs for about a month now. Why did it take so long to kick in? The blow to the nerves at first literally just completely desensitizes them, so they don't have any sense. Then slowly the nerves begin to regain consciousness. This process can be painful, I can testify to this. So to get rid of the pain, a low dosage of anti depressants works most of the time. Apparently the main function of anti depressants is to numb out nerves, so hopefully I should be without pain, and maybe complete numbness of all senses sometime soon!
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