Lain (wiredslave) wrote,

twee la la!

So today was pretty nifty kean. Last week, Celes, Alex and I went around town to go to various music stores and such. we went to a bus stop from one store to continue downtown, and this guy from the parking lot started saying really excitedly behind us "yes! yes! I won the bet! I won $50!" and he comes over to us and says to Celes, "hey hey, we had a bet, he bet you were a woman, but I know you were a guy, would you tell him you're a guy so I can get my $50?" and Celes said no, of course, and he's just going on and on, not angry at all or anything, but just acting like he refuses to believe Celes is a girl, and I hugged her and kissed her, and that just made him think even more that Celes was a guy, so I told him that she's not a boy, and took Celes and we left, and I was just kinda angry and said fuck you to them and we walked away.

So I called the manager and explained what happened on Saturday. He asked me to call back this week to make sure everything went fine. We confirmed the story, and the guy who was acting stupid was fired. The other guy was let off with a warning, which I feel fine about, since he didn't cause any problems, and was trying to calm the other guy down.

I just feel really happy that the situation was so well dealt with. Sometimes I really hate the ignorance of humanity, but then all the good people make me feel so much better.
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