Lain (wiredslave) wrote,

I'm so old.

So today is my last day of break like ever basically. Tomorow I start school, and when it stops from then, I'm done with school. Atleast for a whiles anyways. That's just a weird thing to think about.. from here on out, I have to actually survive or some such, and obviously my death record shows I'm not very good at that, heh. Over all though, I kinda feel like I need to be done for a while. What I was thinking today though, is that with the plans Celes and I have, by next year, I'll already be gone from here. I don't think I was focusing on that at all. It's just all so strange in my head. On top of all that, all I do now is study, I'm so good at just studying.. these days I play my cello, study my kanji, and yeah.. well it's fun times, so I guess I can't complain. Steph is having her baby sometime this week which is pretty crazy. Aaaannd yeah.. funny head space la laa la!
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