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synthdreads and grassroots art campaign!

Hey folks, it's been a while since I posted. Guess life has just been really busy, between cello, finishing school, work, hanging out with my best friend and her new baby, cons, the rune factory addiction, getting ready to start a tour group to Japan, and a new business, I don't really have much "free time" per say. But that's ok, life kinda rocks at the moment. Celes and I just finished a synthdread job for a friend! You can check it out at: . Aside from that, Celeste and I are getting ready to move to Japan! We're going to do geek/economy tours for folks, so if you've ever been interested in going to Japan, but are scared to go without the language, or think it's too expensive, or would just like a guide on the scene, feel free to get in contact about! We plan to do our first tour in August! Seems I'm all about the advertisements these days, heh. Anyways, one more, as a matter of fact, the most important announcement I have to make. So as you know, I'm getting ready to leaven the country, and as most of you know, my father was an artist for a living. I have about 900 paintings to my name. I've wanted to get his art out there for a while, but I've lacked the dedication to get it into galleries, so I'm now working on an alternate plan. If anyone out there would like to have some paintings to hang around their place, then just let me know. The plan is, hang some paintings, free of charge. At the very least, I have paintings sitting in storage that I really would rather be viewed as they were intended. As a part of this plan, we'll(my brother and I) put a label on the back with a price, and if you happen to find someone with an attachment to a painting, and wants to buy it, they can contact us, and we'll be negotiable from the price. If you can find someone interested, then we'll give you 10% of the commission of the settled price. Or if you find yourself attached, we'll give you a good discount! In the meantime, you won't actually be obliged to sell it, just enjoy the paintings existence like they were meant to be! If you're interested, then contact me! Even if you live far away, I travel around, and you might be in my intended plans. Or maybe we can figure something out. We'll probably make up a bit of a written agreement about the paintings, and then maybe sometime in the future, I will want to collect them again if not sold, but I'll take care of everything with that if the time should come. You can check out the art at and pick out what seems interesting to you and talk to me.

The last thing I wanted to mention, and honestly this is the most important. I'm moving to Japan, and that means I won't be in the US. It's exciting, but i'm kind of sad about leaving all of my friends. I've decided that I'm going to come back to the country for Balticon, so you can go to Balticon and finid me, but in the mean time, I've got a few months left! So if you want to hang out sometime before I leave, I'd love that, because I'm really going to miss my friends. Ah so much insanity! Anyways I guess this has been a long enough post, so I'll head off now.
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