Lain (wiredslave) wrote,

A comment on the city of Baltimore,0,6786209.story

So I just found out about this last night. Granted I was away for a week at worldcon.. The fact that this story wasn't big enough that it took me 3 weeks to find out about, and when I heard about it, and did research about it, the article is in no way discussing the severity of the crime rates so much as giving people to gossip about. I know every neighborhood here where these people were shot, and no one is creating a fuss about it. A point was made to me when this came up, that if only one hopkins student were shot, we'd be hearing about the uproar for months. It's just depressing that in our world, the media, the police, everyone is deciding that some people are less important than others. Why our mayor took 3 million dollars from a barely functioning education system to give to a corrupt police force that isn't solving any problems anyway, I will never understand. Coming from experience working in an after school program that really makes a difference in this city, I just don't know what's going through folks minds, letting these things happen, and letting people get away with it.
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