Lain (wiredslave) wrote,

insanity is fun.

So life has been really crazy lately. I'm spending the winter local this winter.. that'll be about a first, and probably a last, strange to think about. Today I went to school with my friend Katie, and Alex and Celes, at the bus time, this guy came by jogging, and then left, and then came back, stood around for a while, and then randomly started singing happy birthday and clapping his hands.. perfectly mundaine seeming fellow.. just kinda nice to see in the world, and while this was going on, Katy unexpectedly started eating a carrot, all so surreal and drunk seeming. Then at school, I took two exams, both I had studied for, though one more than the other, assuming that one would be harder, complete opposite. Though no matter how much I would have studied for the easier seeming one, I would have done terribly.. I think it should be ok in the end though. Anyhow, were going to see Repo! the genetic opera tonight, but the party disbanded, and I decided to make it the christmas flick, and instead get pizza, and watch kurikata no happiness, which I'd highly recommend! At the pizza place, the cashier passed out and had a seizure.. luckily we live two blocks away from a hospital, so they just drove her over there, and within 5 minutes, the drop off was already back with a report that she was doing ok. Some technologies just aren't quite fast enough yet. Anyhow I guess I really just want to say that chaos is what I thrive in, and for a while things seemed boring, but not quite as much anymore. It's happy. I'm really attempting to go to arisia this time around. Am working on attempting to put a room together, so if anyone is looking, let me know!
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