Lain (wiredslave) wrote,

a post of gratitude.. to you!

I'll place this on all of the networking sites that I'm a part of, as it is intended for everyone. This past week, I have graduated from college, and gone to Balticon 43.. an event to remember.

For going to college, as many of you know, it was a pretty new experience for me, having only gone up to the 7th grade in school, I really wanted to go to college, and make it through, as proof for myself that I can make things happen. As for making it there, there are many people that were such a strong part of my life, and so strong in my life and helping me when I needed it... especially when my father died. I never would of had a chance of going or making it without you.

College has been a pretty crazy experience for me. I don't feel that people should have to go to college just to make it in this world, and in many cases it seems more like a hinderance.. for some people it seems to do much good, and I'm really glad I went, as it gave me the opportunity to meet many of the awesome people that are in my life today, and to go live in Japan for a year, leading to my decision to move back there in just a few months. I thought that college wasn't the right place for me several times throughout.. and various chaoses through like heart surgery made me feel like stopping for a while might not be a bad plan, though somehow it always worked out, and now it's really done! I'm really happy that I was still able to go to conventions and hang out, and meet all of you especially at the couches.. though I know I wasn't around so much this last year. There are others still, through my heart surgery, and other more awesome times, were so helpful.. Greg, Diana, Steph, Kristy, Keith, Marc, Celes... everyone in the neighborhood and beyond, thank you so much for being the best family that anyone could ask for.

Now for Balticon! This was like so super awesome I just couldn't believe. Yay Balticon volunteers! We really got the work done no problem this year. I hope you all decide to come back and help out next year too, I'll of course try to bring a posse from Japan to help out also. While every con has its moments, there's something about Balticon that really makes everything and everyone fit together... gaming was awesome.. was really into jungle speed and zendo this con.. and especially getting to see everyone! It's kinda crazy, I spend all year waiting around for Balticon, now that it's past, Japan feels so much closer, happy and scary all at the same time. I can't wait to head off there, though I used to consider it my only home, I realized when I went there the first time, that my friends here in the US mean too much to me to consider it such these days. So don't expect to get rid of me that easy! I'll still be back for Balticon every year, and feel free to visit me anytime no matter where, or maybe even especially because of where I am! Travel is good after all ee.

Anyways I really made this post because I felt like I needed to say that I can't believe life is as awesome as it really is, I used to believe such contrary information.. and I'm sure that some people still do, and well even to the best of us such feelings come along sometimes.. I just feel so lucky to have the friends and community that I do, and if it weren't for you, each individually and all together.. then I would be stuck in that thought like I used to be, so thanks for being awesome, and making me feel awesome.. I'm really lucky to have such wonderful people about. >hugs and cuddles for all
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