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It's been a while update.

Lately I've not been posting on livejournal.. more so notes on facebook since most everyone is there these days. Then I started a blog at . I figure I should still make an update over here though, especially since I can't upload pictures for my blog right now.

I moved to Japan in October to find work. Several jobs offered to hire me, but with no positions available to give me.. with that hope, I knew I was fine early on. After about a month and a half to 2 months of serarching, I got a job! Both Celes and I have secured work! Since October, we have lived in Tokyo and Tsuruga, and have been traveling to different locations for about the past weekl and a half now. Tokyo and Tsuruga are well documented in the blog. We started out in Kobe last week, staying with our friend Jen. Lots of fun spoiled times there! She was quite good to us, and we had super fun times just hanging out. Jen is my out of America American friend. We're both American, but have only met up in Finland and Japan! Her housemate is a Japanese hostess, which was also pretty interesting. We learned many new interesting things, and it was always good times.

After leaving Kobe a few days ago, we met up with Aaron in Hiroshima, got some Hiroshima style okonomiyaki, and then headed on our way to Shimonoseki. Shimonoseki is super small, and when we arrived, we had no luck, finding a place to stay. Finally I decided to wander into a video rental shop and ask for the nearest manga kissa(net cafe). The guy working there said that the nearest was quite far away.. but if we were willing to wait half an hour, he'd drive us over there. He taught us the term, "ichigoichie" meaning once in a life time experience to be treasured. I'm thankful for everything that happened that night, he took amazing care of us, and I really feel the presense of compassion again.
After that day, we spent the next one literally just walking. We walked over 10 miles, including under an ocean from one major island to another of Japan... from Honshuu to Kyuushuu. We ended up spending the night at a manga kissa in kyuushuu, and training back to shimonoseki the next day.
Yesterday was Christmas, and as planned, we took a ferry to Korea on this day. Ever since dad died, I decided that I hated Christmas. I've always tried to keep a tradition of seeing a movie on Christmas, but it was still never very fulfilling. This year I decided to throw away tradition, and try to start something new! In Japan.. and Korea for that matter.. can't really speak for the rest of Asia... Christmasd is not really a big deal. It's like Valentines day literally. In Japan, the tradition is to go on a date for fried chicken on Christmas. In Korea, it is to get a Christmas cake! So for my new Christmas, I decided to be jolly, and merry everyone's Christmas up./ Everytime anyone looked at me, I said "merry christmas!" and they often responded the same. On the boat, many people began to say merry christmas everytime they saw me! So ironic that I've hated Christmas for years now, yet now I'm probably known to a bunch of people as the christmas girl... It's a differnet thing over here, so it doesn't bother me at all.
Since arriving here in Korea today, we've spent a lot of time wandering around. As I said the Christmas tradition in Korea is a cake. Now that Christmas is over, the cakes are cheap, and in all awesomeness, they come with free super awesome animal hats! I got a cake for us from Dunkin Donuts! Everything here is quite cheap. Today I spent money on a voltage converter, new shirt, cake and hat, trainfare, eatting out, and a coin locker, a net cafe for 5 hours, followed by another 10 hours for sleeping in tonight, and the total still came out to under $40!
Over all, life is just crazy right now. Haven't slept in the same place more than one night in a row in a longer and longer time now. We have no concept of where we'll be, or when we'll be there. It's a crazy but fun times.. and that's about all for now!
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